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"The eye of a human being is a microscope, which makes the world seem bigger than it really is." -Khalil Gibran

"What you can't see can hurt you."

Laboratory tests are used to diagnose a wide range of pet health issues. These include everything from culturing the skin for fungus to diagnose ringworm to measuring for thyroid hormone in blood to rule out hypothyroidism. Our hospital is equipped with a top-quality veterinary laboratory which includes specialized equipment such as high resolution light microscopy, microbiology, on-site immuno-diagnostic testing, and IDEXX clinical chemistry and hematologic diagnostic equipment. We can obtain immediate test results when needed, enabling us to provide emergency veterinary care.


Laboratory Testing


We also work closely with a local commercial veterinary laboratory, Antech Diagnostics, which often gives us same-day results. The outside laboratory is utilized to corroborate results and to perform specific tests that are not performed in our hospital. Other examples of lab tests that our veterinarians may conduct include skin scrapings, complete blood counts, serum chemistry profiles, urinalyses, needle aspirates, microbiologic swabs, biopsies, fecal examinations, and many more. Our veterinarians will always follow up by phone and explain to you your pet's laboratory results and will discuss further testing or treatment options when indicated. You should always contact us if you have any questions regarding laboratory testing or lab results.

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