"There are no ordinary cats." ~Colette

"Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God". ~Leo Buscaglia

All of our staff are kind, talented individuals who not only love their work but are committed to providing the best of service and the best of care to both you and your pets. Our technical staff is comprised of licensed veterinary technicians who are educated in all the veterinary techniques including, but not limited to, proper animal restraint, animal husbandry, venipuncture, catheter placement, anesthetic monitoring, pain management, clinical laboratory techniques, animal dentistries, and intra-operative and post-operative care.



Head Veterinary Technician and

Hospital Manager



Paul Staar has been a licensed veterinary technician (LVT) for more than fifteen years. He graduated in 1998 from Mercy College with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Veterinary Science. He has many years of experience as head technical manager, and has served as a mentor to technical students from Mercy College and Westchester Community College. Paul has expertise in feline and canine dentistries, is a skilled surgical assistant, and has a special interest in abdominal ultrasound. Paul also organizes the pain management protocols of the hospital. Paul has volunteered his technical services to spay and neuter programs of Bully Baby Rescue. In addition to his work in the animal health field, he also is a New York State licensed real estate agent. When he is not working, he loves fishing, golfing, and spending time with his wife, two children, dog, and two cats.



Animal and Administrative Assistant

Kirsten Walters completed her B.S. in Biology at Sacred Heart University in 2015.  From the young age of two, she has been riding horses and continued throughout college as she rode on the IHSA Equestrian team.  Growing up, Kirsten always had an interest in animals as she cared for many of her own including; dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, reptiles and horses.  She currently loves and cares for a 15 year-old Thoroughbred named Whiskey that she rescued from a racetrack as well as a rabbit with a paralyzed leg.  Following her passion for animals, Kirsten decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in Veterinary Technology/ Pre-Veterinary medicine at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry.  In her spare time Kirsten enjoys riding her horse, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends.



Animal Assistant

Bessy Gulch was born in El Salvador and immigrated to the United States at the age of sixteen. She graduated from Roosevelt High School in 2002. She loves working with animals and began her career as a kennel attendant in a Westchester veterinary hospital for four years. She then moved to working as a pet-sitter/dog walker for eight years. Along with pets, Bessy also has a special way with children and has worked in childcare for many years. She gives her all in everything that she does. Bessy lives in Yorktown Heights, New York with her husband, son, three dogs, and four cats. Her hobbies include cooking and reading.



Adminstrative Assistant

Diana Baranski began her career at Petchester Veterinary in August, 2017. Since a young age, she always had a love for animals. She currently has two beautiful dogs: Ace and Chip. Diana has a passion for learning, embarking on new adventures, and teaching peers. Diana brings positive energy and bubbly enthusiasm to her job as receptionist at Petchester. Her strong work ethic combined with her ability to multitask within a fast paced environment ensures that all clients and patients are treated with meticulous care. Diana attended Iona College and earned a Bachelors of Arts in Education. She is currently pursuing a degree in Mathematics at Mercy College as she aspires to become a financial advisor. She loves spending time with family and friends, enjoying the beach, traveling to new places, and exercising with her loving pups!



Licensed Veterinary Technician

Jourley Perez’s passion for animals began at an early age after being surrounded by many animals at her grandmothers home in her native Colombia Ever since she was young she knew she wanted to help as many animals as possible. Jourley graduated from Medaille College with a Bachelors of Science in Veterinary Science in 2014. When not working she enjoys spending time with her family and her pug Mandy.



Animal and Administrative Assistant

Thea Trosclair has been fascinated by animals of all sorts and has dreamt of a career in veterinary medicine for as long as she can remember. Thea started volunteering at Petchester Veterinary her freshman year of high school and became a member of the staff her sophomore year. In June of 2020, Thea graduated from Eastchester High School and moved on to the Tufts University class of 2024. She is pursuing a degree in biology at Tufts on the pre-veterinary track. Along with the experience Thea has gained at Petchester, her years of volunteer work at an animal shelter, her research project in canine oncology through her school’s Advanced Science Research Program, and her Cornell Summer College Small Animal Veterinary Medicine degree have fueled her passion for veterinary medicine. Thea has two dogs, Riley and Stella, and while working at Petchester, adopted a cat named Ziggy who was brought in by a rescue. Thea has trained as a dancer her whole life, deepening her love for the arts and fitness. She loves being outdoors, whether it's hiking, skiing, kayaking, or just spending time with her family and friends.



Animal  Assistant

Alessandra Gallousis studied at the University of Vermont and completed her B.S. in Animal Science. From a young age, she knew she wanted to study veterinary medicine. During college, she worked alongside cows and horses at the University farm and studied in Ecuador for 2 weeks where she learned through hands-on experience about alpaca medicine and husbandry. After graduation, Alessandra traveled to Belize and took a course that focused on small animal and wildlife medicine. This summer, she is currently studying for the GRE and applying to veterinary school. In her free time, Alessandra helps her mom foster kittens through a local organization, loves to ski and spend time with her family and friends.

Petchester Clinic Cat

Tony began working at Petchester since 2016. He is a snow shoe Siamese. Tony is originally from a beautiful Park Avenue apartment in Manhattan Tragically, he was given up for adoption because his owners felt animals were like a commodity and they preferred to have a dog. Luckily for Tony, he was picked up at ACC shelter in Manhattan by Cat Assistance founder Sarah Hart. Tony was obese and had trouble urinating due to bladder stones, so after Petchester removed his bladder stones surgically, Petchester and Tony decided that they would forge a mutual relationship . He has since lost at least 5 pounds on his special diet, and he prefers to sit in the treatment area of Petchester, where he lives a very sedentary life and purrs all day long waiting to be petted.




Licensed Veterinary Technician



Cindy Cafagna developed a deep love for all animals at an early age. Growing up in a household with pets ranging from ferrets and rabbits to cats and dogs, it is no surprise she decided to pursue her passion by becoming a veterinary technician. Cindy worked at a veterinary  practice as a kennel attendant for six years before starting her career as a licensed veterinary technician. With over three years of technical experience, Cindy has extensive understanding of surgery protocol, monitoring and anesthesia, and dental cleanings. When she is not at the beach or traveling, you can find Cindy shopping, exercising and spending time with her family and friends. Currently, Cindy resides in Yonkers, NY with six adopted cats, a cockatiel, and two adopted pit bulls, one she rescued and nursed from 2 days old.



Licensed Veterinary Technician

Yessenia Barrera is a NYS Licensed Veterinary Technician from the Bronx. While receiving her Bachelor's in Health Science at Mercy College, she obtained her Associate's Degree in Veterinary Technology at Cedar Valley College. Yessenia has a passion for helping animals that went beyond her two dogs and one cat. A hard worker, Yessenia divided her time when in school between working and caring and fostering animals. From treating an epileptic pet rat named Leo, rehabilitating a guinea pig named Timmy, or finding a cockatoo under a car, her determination to ensure an animal’s health is of the utmost importance and her passion from the moment she was asked what she loved to do. Starting as an animal assistant and receptionist, the doctor's and technicians at Petchester Veterinary encouraged Yessenia to pursue her passion for animals and to continue with her education to become a Veterinary Technician. When not working, Yessenia enjoys hiking, playing flag football, playing guitar, fruit picking, and spending time with her family, including her pets.



Animal Assistant

June Lewis is an accomplished speech pathologist who has a passion for animals. She has an extensive history working with animals at the SPCA in Briarcliff, The Humane Society of Westchester at New Rochelle, NY-Pet Rescue, and Guiding Eyes for the Blind. She was educated as a clinical speech pathologist, working in private practice since 1981 and has both a Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.) in Speech Pathology from New York University and a Master of Science (M.S.) in Speech Pathology from Columbia University. June has been married for thirty-one years and has three daughters. Above all else, June loves animals and her volunteer work with animals is her consuming passion. She has three rescued cats and two pit bulls and always has a foster animal in her home awaiting adoption. In her spare time, besides spending it with her family and her pets, she loves playing tennis.



Animal and Administrative Assistant

Allison Roesser has had a love for animals her whole life.  She followed this passion when she became a home socializer for Guiding Eyes for the Blind.  In 2001, she began her work with shelter animals and co-founded Shelter Pet Alliance, a non-profit that helps animal shelters and rescue groups throughout the United States.  Additionally she writes a weekly pet column for a local online publication, is a dog sitter, and a foster mom for rescue dogs.  She received her BS in Criminal Justice from The Pennsylvania State University Honors program and attended GW law school.  She recently went back to school to receive her vet assistant certification and is hoping to further this education by becoming a Vet Technician.  In her free time she loves to read, hike, fish, practice martial arts and spend time with her four children.



Animal and Adminstrative Assistant

Cayla Santiago is currently a student at SUNY Purchase completing a bachelors degree in Psychology. She has always had a love and passion for animals including her dog Austin. Along with pets, she has much love and admiration for children. Cayla loves working with her peers and communicating with all of our clients and pets. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her dog and spending quality time with her family and friends.



Animal  Assistant

Noah Russo is a student at Cornell University completing a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science. He has been granted early acceptance into Cornell Vet School through their 7-year combined BS/DVM program. He works at Petchester whenever he returns from school for summer and winter breaks. Before Petchester, he worked at a family owned pet store, and, at school, he has worked both as a resident advisor in a freshman dorm and as a lab assistant in a veterinary diagnostics center. Noah has been surrounded by animals since a very young age and always knew he wanted his career to involve helping and caring for them. In his free time, he loves to exercise, be outdoors, and spend time with his friends and family, including his three dogs and his ferret.

Petchester Clinic Cat

Sal is our orange tabby who started working at Petchester when we first opened in December 2013. It was one of the coldest winters in recent memory, and he was rescued by our client, Pat Fallon. Pat was a true humanitarian, and tragically passed away a couple of years ago. Sal was severely matted and had multiple bite wounds, infections, and almost lost his right ear. He was treated and neutered at Petchester, where he has now slimmed down and patrols the entire hospital. He always finds the highest place to monitor the comings and goings. He can be met in the waiting area, and has been known to be protective of staff members when they encounter a fractious cat.

Petchester Clinic Cat

Jimmy came to Petchester via Sarah Hart of Cat Assistance. He is a grey tabby and was happily working and lounging at Petchester when he started limping on his right front leg. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with bone cancer and had his right front leg amputated. He has since been thriving, is pain free, and has shown no cancer recurrence. Of all the staff at Petchester, it seems that Jimmy has enjoyed having the animal hospital locked down from Covid, as he has been enjoying napping and sunbathing under the skylights in the dog section of the waiting room.