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"Did you ever wonder where you would end up if you took your dog for a walk and never once pulled back on the leash?"

- Robert Brault     


Working with animals is really not work at all.

Having the opportunity to work with animals is a real treat so we, at Petchester Veterinary, feel quite fortunate to be in a profession whose very objective is to help and heal animals. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and skills with others and are always happy to engage interested people to make this opportunity available to them through either paid employment and/or volunteerism. Please inquire at our reception desk about any job or volunteer opportunities.



Paid employment opportunities are periodically available. The type of positions that we recruit for include:


  • Licensed or License-Eligible Veterinary Technicians

  • Administrative Assistants

  • Animal Handlers/Assistants

  • Kennel Attendants


Please submit your resume and references to:


Petchester Veterinary

309 White Plains Road

Eastchester, New York 10709


You may also download a Petchester employment application form that can be mailed to the address above or scanned and sent by email.



We are always delighted to meet people who love animals and eagerly welcome people to volunteer in our hospital who are interested in learning about veterinary medicine. Our doctors willingly visit schools to discuss animal health and veterinary related issues and are open to visitation by school groups, girl/boy scout troops, kindergarten classes, and high school senior interns, college students, etc.


We also mentor active, serious students who are studying to be veterinary technicians, veterinarians, or who are on the veterinary career path and would like to participate in shadowing the doctors to learn more about veterinary medicine.


Please note that these volunteer positions are not a hands-on endeavor.

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