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"Whoever said that you can't buy love, never adopted a pet."

-Arya Riverdale

"I like a bit of mongrel myself, whether it's a man or a dog; they're the best for everyday." ~George Bernard Shaw

We are strong advocates of pet adoption and encourage people to preferentially adopt or rescue animals since there are so many animals that cannot find loving homes. We do wholeheartedly support some local animal rescue groups who have done remarkable work saving lives and bringing happiness to many families in the tri-state area. can also direct you to many other animal rescue groups and animal shelters in your area that might have animals of your choosing. We, at times, have animals available for adoption in our hospital so please call 914-771-7387 to inquire further.

Pet Rescue is a not-for-profit animal rescue group whose mission is to aid homeless, abandoned and neglected cats and dogs, to nurture and socialize them in the foster care of volunteers, to provide necessary veterinary medical care, and to place them in responsible and loving homes. They also work to decrease the overpopulation of dogs and cats through their spay/neuter programs.

914- 834-6955

Adore-a-bullie Paws and Claws's goal is to develop a network of experienced fosters who can prepare shelter animals and strays for life in a forever home.  They seek to find the most appropriate match for each companion animal to minimize returns and ensure happy tails. They also hope to increase awareness about shelter animals and responsible pet ownership through community education.  They also aim to decrease the number of homeless animals through our spay/neuter assistance program.

Bronx Tails Cat Rescue is a group of volunteers, dedicated to improving the lives of local stray and feral cats in the Bronx and Harlem by performing Trap-Neuter-Return of stray and feral cats living in managed colonies in the local communities, providing medical care for sick and injured feral cats, and rescuing friendly strays for adoption to forever homes.

Paws Crossed NY are dedicated to being a true no-kill rescue. This means they will only euthanize for terminal illness or irreversible suffering. They also offer a variety of programs and services to the community to make pet ownership easier and more affordable for the public. They are located in Westchester County, NY and service the surrounding counties and communities. They have recently been gifted property at 100 Warehouse Lane South in Elmsford to open a no-kill shelter back to Westchester County.

Bully Baby Rescue is a non-for-profit charity whose mission is to promote awareness and restore the reputation of the so-called “Bully Breed Dogs” such as the pit bull terrier and other breeds often mislabeled as aggressive. Bully Baby Rescue offers free and low cost spay and neuter clinics. They also educate and assist families with training of canines and also rescue dogs from shelters and place them in foster homes to be socialized with other dogs, cats, and children.


The Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter, founded in 1974, is a municipal shelter that serves as a safe haven for thousands of domestic animals who are lost, abandoned, neglected, unwanted or in distress. They are a small shelter, but have caring staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to improve the lives of resident animals and those within the city of Mt. Vernon. They actively promote both adoptions and fostering, and welcome volunteers.

(914) 665-2444

SNARR Northeast (Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation) is based out of Westchester County, New York, was founded in 2011 and is run by Courtney Bellew. SNARR Northeast pulls dogs from high kill shelters all over the country with a focus on the local NYC, NJ and surrounding area shelters. Although the title speaks for itself as “Special Needs”, SNARR also saves perfectly healthy dogs as well.


Cat Assistance is a non-for-profit organization founded on the belief that every animal deserves a second chance. They primarily take in cats from private owners who are forced to give up their cats for various reasons. They also rescue cats and dogs from overcrowded shelters that are in danger of euthanasia. These animals are also provided with all necessary medical care, including spaying and neutering.


Little Wanderers is a small group of animal rescuers who are passionate about the welfare of NYC’s large feral cat population.  Their primary activities are trapping, immunizing, neutering and releasing at risk cats, but they also facilitate adoption when appropriate.

Saving Paws Rescue is a "no-kill" rescue group that rescues dogs and cats from a variety of circumstances including shelters, found on the street, or given up by owners. Saving Paws Rescue is not a shelter but fosters all the animals in their care from rescue to adoption. The organization is  not-for-profit and is run entirely by volunteers and funded by donations.

Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming, Inc. is an all-volunteer, 501 c (3) registered nonprofit located in the Bronx. Their mission is to find loving, permanent homes for abandoned, displaced and shelter-surrendered cats. Magnificat Cat Rescue is not a shelter. They depend on a network of foster homes to care for cats until they can get adopted. .


SPCA of Westchester was originally affiliated with the NYC SPCA but became independent in the 1920's. Today, it is the only humane society in Westchester County empowered to enforce laws relating to animal cruelty. In addition to shelter services, the SPCA offers many programs including transportation and rescue programs from "high kill" shelters, educational outreach, pet therapy programs, My Sister's Place Pet Safety Program, animal cruelty investigation and intervention.


In September 2013, Mayor Mike Spano joined the Yonkers City Council, Yonkers’ State Delegation, Westchester County officials, volunteers, charitable and not-for-profit organizations to cut the ribbon on the new state-of-the-art Animal Shelter at 1000 Ridge Hill Boulevard in Yonkers. In contrast to the old facility, the new 11,000 sq ft Animal Shelter was built with a focus on adoption. The facility is not only larger than the old Animal Shelter but features a welcoming public reception space, modern indoor and outdoor kennels, separate intake and adoption areas, modern medical facilities and meet-and-greet spaces where visitors can enjoy quality one-on-one time with their prospective new pets.


The Humane Society of Westchester at New Rochelle was founded in 1911 and is a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing individual loving care for lost, abandoned, injured, and mistreated animals. They service 19 communities in Westchester County and rescue 500 dogs and 900 cats each year.


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