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"The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals" -Anonymous

"I don't understand people who don't touch their pets--pets are called pets for a reason."

-Jarod Kintz

At Petchester Veterinary, we do not discriminate. We welcome all kinds of pets from dogs and cats to parrots and snakes. We also treat working animals such as service dogs as well as hard-to-handle, feral cats. We care for animals that are geriatric and neonatal animals; for animals that are anorectic and for obese animals; for animals of all body types and all genders. Our hospital is also accessible to disabled and geriatric animals. We offer separate waiting areas for cats and exotic animals and another for dogs. This is one way in which we try to help ease the stress and anxiety of coming to an unfamiliar environment for both pets and owners. Whatever type of animal you bring us, we will welcome you and make you feel at home.

We treat all kinds of dogs. We do not discriminate. Many breeds of dogs have genetic predispositions to disease and we will discuss these and many other facets of pet care at your hospital visits. We believe in collaborative and preventive care which means partnering with you in all the decision making and preventing disease before it occurs. We are here for you during all phases of life from puppyhood to adult seniors. We will be familiar with your dog's family and medical history and value our long term relationships with you and your pet.

Birds require very specific care when kept as pets and, at Petchester Veterinary, we have a special interest in avian medicine. We see many types of birds ranging from large parrots to small song birds. We recommend regular wellness visits since birds can mask their signs until late in their disease. Routine examination along with appropriate diagnostic testing can prevent problems and lead to a longer and healthier life.

Many different kinds of exotic small mammals are kept as pets from hedgehogs to ferrets. Knowledge about the care and diseases of these mammals is critical to properly treating them. These animals have unique needs that should be understood and addressed when determining their care and treatment.

Cats are unique in their behaviors, anatomy, and diseases, All kinds of cats are cared for in our hospital from feral farm cats to purebred Persians. We provide preventive health care, treat most feline diseases or disorders, and guide you through behavioral, nutritional, and dental concerns and any other questions about feline care. We are a one-stop treatment facility and will always try to recommend the most efficient and effective therapy.

Reptiles have increased in popularity as pets, and it is essential to know their proper husbandry in order to provide them with a good quality of life. Special attention should be paid to the animal's environment which includes light, humidity, and temperature as well as proper diet to help ensure longevity for your reptilian pets. All of these issues and more will be discussed at your veterinary visit.

We are one of the few veterinary hospitals who have had experience with treating wildlife and who welcome clientele who are concerned about the welfare of all animals including those that live in the wild. We are always willing to try and help treat injured or sick wildlife and have worked with a number of the local rescue groups/individuals and nature centers.

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