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“Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause the most inconvenience.” ― Pam Brown

“A cat is only technically an animal, being divine.” ― Robert Lynd

We see all types of cats from Persians and Siamese to Calicos and Domestic Short Hairs. We understand that cats become quite stressed when taken into an unfamiliar environment so we have a separate entrance and waiting area for cats physically separate from dogs. Our veterinarians have a special touch with cats and are familiar with proper restraint and handling of felines as well as understand the uniqueness of a cat's behavior, anatomy, and disease conditions so you should rest assured that your cat is in the best of hands.



Cat Wellness Exams


At your annual wellness exams, we will perform a complete physical examination which not only involves a visual check of all organ systems but also involves weighing your pet, taking its temperature, and palpating him or her (feeling the belly and skin for any lumps or bumps), and ausculting his or her chest (listening to the heart and lungs). Most clinical problems can be discovered on initial physical examination so good clinical skills are essential and should never be underestimated. Annual stool samples are recommended to be submitted to ensure that your pet remains parastie free. Parasite prevention will be discussed which includes both external (such as fleas and ticks as well as internal parsites such as heartworm and intestinal worms). When necessary, additional diagnostic tests will be discussed and performed which might include radiology/ultrasound, blood samples, microbiologic cultures, etc.


Cat Vaccinations


We do always advocate for various modalities of preventive care one of which is vaccination. Vaccination can easily prevent infectious diseases which can have serious health consequences. However, coincident with our collaborative care, we try to discuss with you what is most befitting for your individual pet and for his or her risk factors and health status. We do not "over-vaccinate" and will also recommend antibody titers in place of repeat boosters to ensure immunologic protection for your cat.


Cat Diseases and Disorders


Cats are susceptible to many types of diseases and disorders ranging from self-limiting infectious disease such as viral respiratory diseases to more chronic diseases that require medical management and care like feline diabetes or feline asthma. So routine veterinary care is always recommended to diagnose and/or manage various diseases and disorders and to catch them early on so that effective treatments can be initiated.


Cat Dental Care


Dental disease is quite prevalent in cats and is managed with good nutrition, toothbrushing, and professional dental cleanings when indicated. Since poor oral health can be detrimental to your cat's overall health, we always recommend routine examination to ensure your cat maintains good health.

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