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"It always gives me a shiver when I see a cat seeing what I can't see"- Eleanor Farjeon


Collaborative Care

Preventive Care

At Petchester Veterinary, we advocate for preventive health and encourage all our clients to come in for annual wellness examinations. But, we also believe in collaborative care and believe that you must be a part of all decisions regarding your pet. When you come to our hospital, our veterinarians and staff will discuss not only how to maintain your pet’s optimal health at home and going forward, but your visit will also provide us the opportunity to get to know you and your pet and to discuss other issues such as animal behavior, nutrition, breed-specific questions, traveling with pets, etc. This will enable us to create a very individualized health plan catered to your specific needs and include you in all the decision-making process.

Physical Exams, Nutrition, Behavior and Microchips

Annual Visits Are Recommended

For healthy pets, an annual visit is recommended so that a complete physical examination can be performed to ensure the maintenance of good health and to detect any signs of illness early on. These wellness visits also offer the opportunity to discuss with your veterinarian any concerns about nutrition, behavior, and to learn about disease predispositions. It is also a good time to permanently identify your pet by microchipping. This is a simple procedure that can help prevent a lot of heartache when an animal is lost

Vaccinations, Parasite Prevention, Rabies, and Health Certificates

Infectious Disease Prevention Is Effective

Many infectious diseases can be effectively prevented with a stringent vaccination protocol and parasite testing and treatment. When traveling, an updated health certificate is necessary to provide information as to the health history and immunization status of your pet. Up-to-date rabies immunizations for dogs, cats, and ferrets is not only a public health issue but is also a legal obligation.

Puppies, Kittens, and Other Babies

Young Animals Should Have Immunizations and Parasite Treatment

Young animals should be examined as soon as is feasible to assess for any congenital disorders, as well as receive proper immunizations and parasite treatment. We also offer new pet counseling which might include behavioral training to how-to home pet care. Also, the benefits of spaying and neutering your pet will be discussed as well as permanent identification systems such as microchipping.

Adult and Senior Pet Care

Old Age Diseases Can Be Properly Managed To Prolong Life

Our pets are living longer lives due to our meticulous and preventive care. However, as an animal ages, there might be more subtle changes that occur gradually that can be indicative of a more serious underlying illness. So, biannual examinations for senior pets are recommended so that our veterinarians can monitor your pet and catch the signs in the early stages.

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